Nbiz is a mobile platform that enables small and medium businesses to enter the e-commerce arena with very little effort. Nbiz is a centrally managed application platform that can be fully customized based on your business needs.

We understand that the customer is the king. That’s why you get your mobile app specially branded and customized for your business needs. With its integrated search engine and AI-powered reports, you can understand your customer needs.

Developed using a strong technology platform, that’s designed after years of analysis. Nbiz is designed to withstand huge web traffic to ensure that your website and mobile application will never go down due to traffic.

Give your business the Nbiz e-power

Many business owners think that a website or social media page is more than enough for improving their sales and market reach. But that’s not the reality. According to the latest research, an average person spends around 2-3 minutes with a website whereas it’s more than 3 hours with mobile. 90% of a person’s daily mobile usage is spent by using apps. In the year 2019 more than 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded worldwide. There is no doubt that apps are the future of business.

Apps are not just the future of business; it is also the present as well.

Nbiz is a mobile platform that enables small and medium businesses to enter the e-commerce arena with very little effort. Nbiz is a centrally managed mobile application that is fully customizable based on your business needs. You can build a complete, feature-rich mobile app customized for your business brand in just a matter of minutes. You get a fully functional web interface also for your business needs.

You can configure your application according to your likes and color preferences using the Nbiz business interface. Setting up your products and services for e-commerce was never so easy. With the business admin interface, you can set up all your products with just a few clicks. All details of your products and services can be captured to the finest details using the dynamic interface of the Nbiz business app.


OUR Services

Mobile App

Get your customized mobile app for your business in a few easy steps. No need to spend a lot of money and time developing your app. From listing to searching and from order management to delivery, we have everything ready for you. With the Nbiz, you are never far away from the customer.

Nbiz Web

Enjoy the benefits of a secure, high-performing, easy-to-use web platform customized for your business. Share product catalogues with your contacts quickly with Nbiz Web. All features that are required to run an e-commerce web application are provided out of the box to you.

Nbiz Market

Establish your presence by joining the location-based marketplace designed to empower local businesses. Its geo-location-based search is designed to make you visible to customers nearby you. Run promotions and marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way.

Integrated Marketing

Use Nbiz to leverage the power of social media and search engines to build strong relationships with your customers. The search engine optimized web interface aids in increasing the visibility of your business. Run targetted promotions that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.