Farm Connect

Running your farm-fresh fruits and vegetable store has become more exciting with Nbiz application. You can set up your fruits and vegetable business in less than 30 minutes using the business setup wizard. Nbiz’s order management screen can help you in managing your inventory better.

Grocery and Daily Needs

Provide the best-in-class features to the regular customers of your grocery or daily needs business. Grocery shopping is time-consuming. Display your product catalog and stock availability to your customers and give them a better shopping experience. 

Setting up your business is easy with Nbiz. There are more than 20000 products to choose from. The intelligent product recommendations make your business setup easier.

Salon and Beauty parlours

Even distribution of customers’ appointments will help you to manage your staff efficiently and keep your customers happy.  

With Nbiz’s booking and appointment module, you can manage your customer appointments efficiently by exposing your calendar directly to the customers. Customers can choose the best slot available. Isn’t it better than asking customers to wait?

Fashion and Accessories

Online is the new shopping hub for readymade, dress materials, and fashion accessories. By setting up your fashion and readymade business online using Nbiz, you can open up your business to a large geographical area and to a more diverse set of customers.  

The product variant feature of Nbiz makes product inventory management easy and allows customers to select their colour and size preferences. 

Home Decor and furnishing

Use Nbiz platform to develop user-friendly and feature-rich applications for your home decor business. Proudly share your product catalog of beautiful curtains, bedsheets, blankets, floor mats, wallpapers, and several other items with customers and entice them. Keep your app interface warm and fresh by changing UI themes yourselves. Your app will always be ready for the upcoming festivities.  

Professional Services

Are you a service provider providing professional services to customers? Use Nbiz app for your business and expand your reach and improve your brand value. 

You can set up multiple services like plumbing services, electrical repair, general maintenance, home improvement, gardening, and several other services. Publish your business card in Nbiz marketplace and increase your brand value. Use Nbiz business app to manage customer inquiries and quotations. 

And several other categories...

Using Nbiz you can easily set up e-commerce applications for all your business types. Nbiz is fully customizable and allows customized themes based on your business needs. Nbiz can easily be set up for all sizes of businesses ranging from single-store businesses to large multi-branch chains. 

With Nbiz’s app builder, you can build your own customized app as per your liking with just a few clicks. App development was never so easy.